Thursday, April 07, 2005

What is a beauty all about?

I am reading My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk - a Turkish author. The book blob says "A thrilling murder mystery, My Name is Red is also a stunning meditation on love, artistic devotion and the tensions between East and West". I have not yet finished the book and my review will appear in seperate post when I finish it. In the meanwhile here is something I found interesting in the book and thought I'd share with ye all:

...My paintings reveal what the mind, not the eye, sees. But painting, as you know quite well, is a feast for the eyes. If you combine these two thoughts, my world will emerge. That is:
ALIF: Painting brings to life what the mind sees, as a feast for the eyes.
LAM: What the eye sees in the world enters the painting to the degree that it serves the mind.
MIM: Consequently, beauty is the eye discovering in our world what the mind already knows.

I beleive one can take the thrid point (MIM), quote it out of context and it will still be valid. Whether it be a painting, a poem, an equation (at least for me) or what have you - beauty is discovering what the mind already knows. Is that why I find this beautiful??!!!

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