Saturday, September 24, 2005

Journalist. Who? Me???

My recent activities got me thinking - should we be called researchers or journalists?

I just corrected proofs for one of my papers for Applied Thermal Engineering, finished writing an invited paper for the same journal (during my vacation, I might add) and have to start writing another invited paper for Energy - The International Journal. All this leaves me with very little time to work towards my paper for the biggest conference in my area PSE/ESCAPE 2006, which is due in Nov.

I am spending way too much time disseminating the results of our research rather than producing more. Need to find a balance!!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Presenting Ananya

KuttiMe is now officially called Ananya (or Ananya R. Raman as her passport says).

Ananya - a name suggested by my cousin- is the very essence of Advaita. We were initially planning on calling her Jyotsna (moonlight) - a subtle reference to the fact that she was concieved in November when the moon rules in Norway. As I was filling out her Birth Certificate, Arthi changed her mind and we then decided to go with Ananya.

The Gods know her as Sri Jayalakshmi (her religious name) and my parents like to call her Anagha (without blemish).

To Arthi and me, she will always be KuttiMe.