Friday, September 23, 2005

Presenting Ananya

KuttiMe is now officially called Ananya (or Ananya R. Raman as her passport says).

Ananya - a name suggested by my cousin- is the very essence of Advaita. We were initially planning on calling her Jyotsna (moonlight) - a subtle reference to the fact that she was concieved in November when the moon rules in Norway. As I was filling out her Birth Certificate, Arthi changed her mind and we then decided to go with Ananya.

The Gods know her as Sri Jayalakshmi (her religious name) and my parents like to call her Anagha (without blemish).

To Arthi and me, she will always be KuttiMe.


Michael Higgins said...

Ananya is a beutiful little baby.

When my wife was pregnant with our first (and only) child, we picked out a boy's name and a girls name. The girls name we chose was Ananya which, if memory serves, means "without equal" or "like no other." It is a very nice name for a girl.

Iyer the Great said...

Thanks Michael.

Ananya does mean without equal. It so happens that the name is also a concatenation of my parent's fist names -
ANANtharaman and YAmuna :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the snap of the baby. Ananya is very beautiful. And Congratulations, once again!

Sunil said...

a very bute baby girl. You two must be very proud and happy. Congratulations....

Just changing topics....going the usual south-indian way....wouldn't her name be Ananya Rahul, or R. did Ananya R. Raman come about

Iyer the Great said...

Anonymous, Sunil - Thanks.

Yes, her name should have been R. Ananya. This system does not work well in/for the rest of India and the world. As we are planning to settle in Mumbai when back in India, we felt that it would be a good idea to propagate a family name henceforth.

Rama, being our kuladaivam, Rama shabda must be part of all male children name's in our family (my name is actually Ramakrishnan). We thought Raman would be the ideal family name.

Prasanna said...

Hi Rahul and Arthi Manni,
Congratulations to both of you once again, proud parents I believe!
Ananya is cute, seems to have blue eyes?? Looking forward to you posting more of Ananya's pics:).

Iyer the Great said...

Hey Prasanna! Thanks. Nice to see you here.


Srikanth said...

Hi Rahul,

Belated congratulations!

If you are going to live in Mumbai (or anywhere outside the south), it likely that your new family name will be pronounced Raman (ரமண், रमण)instead of Rāman (ராமன்). :)

Iyer the Great said...

Thanks Srikanth.

You are right, and we will have to live through it:( . On the other hand in Norway it works perfectly - a, in Norsk is pronounced ā.

Varun said...

cool photo of me cousin
congrats mams