Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Proof of Global Warming

I just came across an irrefutable evidence on the existence of global warming and am presenting it to you without any delay (or comment).

And...for the record - I am not complaining!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Jana Gana Mana

A classic for you on India's Independence Day

The Army as the New Religion

At dinner over the weekend, I was chatting with a PhD student who is working with 15th century art - specifically religious art in Italy where neighbours faces randomly appear in artist's depiction of religious situations. Our conversation hence centered around religion and art - topics where I certainly can hold my own. It was during this conversation that it struck me -

Religion has(/had) its positive aspects. It helped enhance the visual arts and music (at least in Christianity and Hinduism) and is thus, for the arts, like the army is for science. The benefits of the arts/science have seeped down to enrich the life of "civilians" - while serving their original intended purpose.

And yes, both (Army and Religion) were created to make us feel safe and have their fair (or larger than fair) share of problems - but let us not go there.