Saturday, September 24, 2005

Journalist. Who? Me???

My recent activities got me thinking - should we be called researchers or journalists?

I just corrected proofs for one of my papers for Applied Thermal Engineering, finished writing an invited paper for the same journal (during my vacation, I might add) and have to start writing another invited paper for Energy - The International Journal. All this leaves me with very little time to work towards my paper for the biggest conference in my area PSE/ESCAPE 2006, which is due in Nov.

I am spending way too much time disseminating the results of our research rather than producing more. Need to find a balance!!!!!


arvind said...

Very true

One spends more time on telling people what one has done than in doing something new.

But in this case, Rahul, you really were a journalist at some point of time, werent you? No doubts invitations for writing papers are flowing in. Happy writing.

Sunil said...

well....the good thing about this obviously is that you have already done some research, so can write some papers...:-))

I hope i'm in a similar situation in few months, and wont be unhappy because it'll be my thesis, and ticket out of school!

Iyer the Great said...

Arvind - If you call being a sub-sub-editor of a small financial weekly, just out of college as being a journalist - yes I was one!! :) And that was ages ago.

Sunil - My students have done most of the research. I just use them :)

Best of luck with your work and thesis!! In a year on from now, I hope to be saying that.