Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Kuttime - 22 weeks

Kuttime is 22 weeks this week and as far as the doctors can see - everything is normal. We are making preparations for Arthi's trip to India on the 30th. Since Sunday, as the countown began for her trip home, Arthi has been felling dejected and sad. I have been trying to keep her spirited, but cannot say that I have been entirely succesfull.

Even though I have lived alone long enough to not mind it, I have a nagging feeling that these few months living alone will not be the same. I will certainly miss Arthi and more importantly I will miss the bulge of Arthi's stomach that is Kuttime.

As Appa says, life is all about sacrifices. I guess the important thing is making the ones that count rather than counting the ones you make.

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