Friday, April 15, 2005

5x2 - An addition

As Arthi and myself were discussing the film this morning, we stumbled accross an interesting aspect of the film that is so subtly dealt with that it could be easily overlooked.

Marions parents, she says, at the start of the movie (at the end of their relationship) hardly talk to each other any more. Gilles asks her if they still live together. She says that they live together under the same roof because of their marriage but do not talk with each other. All this talk after Marion and Gillian have filed their divorce papers.

A later scene shows Marion's parents shouting at each other during her child birth and a later scene shows them dancing in love with each other during her wedding.

In constast, there are hardly any scenes that show Gilles and Marion fight, though th eunderlying tension between them is potrayed. Yet this young couple file for divorce while the parents stick it through!!!!!

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