Friday, April 01, 2005

Initiation to fatherhood

Dec 30th 2004, Arthi woke me up to at 6 am to say "Rahul.. I am pregnant" Was I happy/sad/excited/scared? Or confused? Yes, confused would be the best way to describe my state of mind then. For one, it was 6 am and the best I can do at that time of the day is sitting up in bed (with much dificulty, I should add) and staring blankly into space - far from contemplating my initiation to fatherhood. The other reason I was confused is that the doctors here said that Arthi will have difficulty concieving as her prolactin levels are high. We were to visit the specialist regarding this in Feb 05 (Yes.. I know you are thinking Feb 05 was a long was off, what is worse is that we got the appointment in Nov 04. Well.. that is how the Norwegian health system works - but that is for another post).

But when what Arthi had announced finally sunk in, after penetrating the mist in my groggy head, oddly the first thought that came to me was that we would not be able to go on our vacation as we had planned (and saved for). Fortunately enough, these thoughs were quickly pushed aside (not out) by a surging feeling of elation and excitement.

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