Saturday, April 16, 2005

Andejakt (Duck Season)

Last night we went to watch Andejakt, a mexican movie by dicrector Fernando Eimbcke. It is also shown as part of Kosmorama. This is the director's debut movie. He has earlier directed music vidoes and short films.

The movie is shot in black and white and is full of dead pan humor. It tells us the tale of two 14 year olds alone at home for a day with a 16 year old girl and a pizza delivery guy thrown into the mix. The director uses a lot of fade outs and fade ins initially to potray trivial incidents. As the movie progresses the film take on a deeper undertone that shows loneliness of kids, effect of divorce on children, yearnings in live, complexity of teenage love - all dealt with humor. There is no scene in th emovie that makes you feel bad for the kid whoose parents are going though divorce - but he adequately conveys the torment the kid goes through. That in itself is an achievement.

Quite a good movie - I would give it 4 out of 5.

Arthi liked 5x2 more than this one - but it was the other way for me. In a seemingly inconsequential story line, the director has dealt with some complex issues.

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