Sunday, April 03, 2005

Adhirsam or apple pie?

My cylcing took me to Ranheim - a small town 10 kms away from Trondheim. There is a football field along the road I cycle that is right on the fjord. I always stop there to watch the kids playing football. What I like about the place more is the backdrop. You have the kids playing soccer, just behing them is the fjord and further back are magnificent mountains. The scene taken as a whole inspires awe. Today it was one better as the mountains were snow capped.

I was immediately transported to the Cross maidan in Mumbai today. As you walk across the footpath there, you have kids playing cricket in all corners of the field with the elegant Victoria Terminus (or CST as it is uninspiringly called now) as the backdrop. It is a more urban setting, but nontheless, equally awe inspiring. I always made it a point to gawk for quite a while and soak in the atmoshpere when I passed there.

Which do I like better - Ranheim with the magnificent fjord setting or Cross Maidan with the elegant Raj-period urban setting? It is like choosing between a Monet and a Matisse or between an Adirsam and an Apple pie.

I'd always rather have both!!!

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