Thursday, August 04, 2005

Seemingly random events

This has been spawned by my earlier post.

The image above has no fixed pattern (particularly on the right side), and each pixel seems to be unrelated to the next. If each pixel were taken to be an event, the image would represent a collection of events, or more pertinently, a seemingly random collection of events.

Erik Fosnes Hansen in his book Tales of Protection, writes that seemingly disparate and unconnected events in life are connected by a profound something - a something that has not been found or recognized as yet.

The image shown here is a Cellular Automaton of 500 steps from Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science (You can find an earlier post on this here). The image is produced starting with a single black pixel and each subsequent pixel is colored according to Rule 30 in the book. Thus, the seemingly random collection of pixels (or events) is produced using a simple program (Rule 30) and is the something, in this case.

Wolfram, in the introduction to the book, boldly states that this new science, an intellectual revolution, can be used to explain everything. I have only ploughed through 168 pages of this 1197 pages book. Based on what I have read thus far, it is very exciting.

Is this the key to understanding the connection between seemingly disconnected events - such as the probability case?


Aswin said...

Nice to see someone interested in "A New kind of Science". I don't support wolfram but I found his book (the attempt to be more precise), extremely intriguing.
Do read some of the reviews here
But,This is may favorite review. The lift from Amazon is tooo good.

Iyer the Great said...

Thanks Aswin. I have come across these reviews before. If only the book was smaller, I could get a lot more reading done.