Monday, May 02, 2005

Engineer and scientist?????

I presently happen to straddle the worlds of engineers and scientists - it is exciting and exasperating at the same time. My supervisor is an engineer at heart - although a physics graduate with a PhD in Chemical Engineering, his many years of industrial experience have left him beliveing his gut feeling rather than equations is in huge favor of application oriented research. My co-supervisor is a scientist - Period. One who sees beauty in equations and believes that philosophy and science go hand-in-hand. He is a thermodynamicist - need I say more??

I always thought of myself as an engineer first even though beautiful equations do give me goosebumps. I propably would like to model myself on Mike - Mike Kesler - the CEO of Kesler Engineering where I worked under him for a couple of years. He is revered among scientists and engineers - in industry and academia. He was not fond of the mental masturbation that scientists indulged in unless it could be used in industry.

I am presently developing an energy integration methodology for process plants that is based on thermodynamics where I need to be a little bit of both. Am I an engineer or a scientist or rather am I an engineer and a scientist??

PS: By scientists I refer to people involved in basic research rather than engineers who are involved in applied research

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